We advise domestic and international companies as well as individuals in labour law and related matters, such as contract law, social insurance, unfair competition, data protection, employer and employee liability, temporary placement and international secondments, work permit procedures and collective labour law.

We provide assistance to our clients both in contractual matters and in litigation, including:

  • Advice on labour relations matters, drawing up the necessary instruments such as contracts, bylaws and regulations
  • Selecting and implementing remuneration systems (fixed wages and variable salary and benefits, bonus, equity participation)
  • Consequences for the workforce of mergers, divisions of companies and transfers of assets and operations
  • Transfer of the employment relationship
  • Termination of the employment relationship, individual and collective
  • Negotiation of collective labour agreements and social plans
  • Affiliation to social insurance and related issues
  • Resolution of collective labour disputes
  • Administrative procedures to obtain a work permit
  • Representation in administrative and judiciary proceedings